Get Every Silhouette - Bundle of All 1,312 Silhouettes

Personal Use


Suitable for personal and educational use.
  • Personal Use Only (No commercial use)
  • 1,312 Silhouettes
  • No Attribution Required
  • EPS Files
  • JPG Files
  • PDF Files
  • Transparent PNG Files
  • SVG Files

What's in the Bundle

1,312 Silhouettes

The bundle includes every silhouette on our site in 5 file formats: EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, and SVG.

Raster Images

JPG and transparent PNG* versions of every silhouette The images are 300 DPI and have no white space around the silhouette.

Vector Images

EPS and SVG files for each silhouette.

PDF Files

PDF files for every silhouette These are sized for printing on 8.5 x 11 paper.

Terms of Use

General Information

  • When you purchase a bundle you are only purchasing the files for the silhouettes. Your purchase doesn't include assistance with editing the silhouettes in Photoshop or other software. We are also unable to assist with things like troubleshooting printer issues. You will need to search Google or consult support for your printer/software/etc. for assistance with issues like this.
  • You are responsible for editing or modifying the images. We don't offer customization of the graphics.
  • Since this is a digital product, we are unable to offer refunds once you have downloaded the file.

Personal Use Bundle

  • You may use the silhouettes in items you create for your own use.
  • You may print the silhouettes for classes.
  • You may not distribute the digital files for the silhouettes.
  • You may not make money from the silhouettes in any way. Purchase the Commercial Use Bundle for this.

Commercial Use Bundle

  • The silhouettes may be incorporated into physical items for sale as long as the total number of items sold doesn't exceed 1000. We do not offer custom licensing terms outside of this 1000 product limit. If you want to sell more than 1000 items, you will need to purchase a new bundle for each 1000 items you sell.
  • You may not distribute or resell the silhouettes.
  • You may use the clip art in a single digital product provided the it is one of the following: app, ebook, or software. You must ensure that the clip art can't be extracted from your product. If you sell an ebook, you may also use the clip art in a print version of the same book.
  • You may not create clip art, printables, stencils, or modified versions of the silhouettes to distribute as digital files or products. If you are selling products created with the silhouettes, it must be a physical product or one of the listed types of digital products.


You will receive an email with a download link once your PayPal payment is processed. Please note that the file is large (around 300 MB), so it may take a while to download depending on your connection speed.

Other Information

*Before purchasing, please note that some areas of a digital image (such as the PNG files in this bundle) may appear blurry or distorted when viewed on your computer screen. This is normal due to the way computers display images as a series of pixels. These issues shouldn't show up when printed.